Why change to VoIP Service?

Traditional phone service has been without competition for a long time, but now millions are adopting VoIP service as their main or only telephone system.  The quality of the service, and the fantastic savings are prompting increasing numbers of people to switch, and old-fashioned phone companies are hard-pressed to keep up. VoIP technology has only recently become fast and practical, but VoIP service providers like Vonage are growing steadily, and some of the older companies like AT&T are now looking to add VoIP service to their offerings as well — clearly they can see which way the wind is blowing. … Continue reading Why change to VoIP Service?

Get your VOIP Phone soon!

Long distance telephone service has changed dramatically due to the invention of VOIP phone technology. VOIP, or “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, enables users to make phone calls over a computer network, either local or global. The equipment is effective and simple: an adapter sits on a traditional telephone line and converts analog audio signals into digital signals.  These digital packets to send through the broadband line, then are translated back to audio signals at the far end receiver. A VOIP phone isn’t really a different kind of phone, then, but is more accurately a specialized technology that enables the user … Continue reading Get your VOIP Phone soon!

VoIP Service Provider Guidelines

How do you go about finding a reliable VoIP service provider in today’s market?  The choice is crucial to your satisfaction with the service, as well as your budget, to find the right one when you are making the switch from traditional phones to VoIP. Before you choose a VoIP service provider, there are a few questions you should ask: What is the termination policy?   Can you terminate your contract at all, and are there penalties for doing so?  Long-term contracts are common among cell phone and VoIP service providers; it’s unlikely you’ll find one without a penalty, but it’s … Continue reading VoIP Service Provider Guidelines

Consumer Spotlight – Switching to VOIP is a Smart Exercise

For this month’s consumer spotlight we talked with Mark McIntyre, who runs his own fitness training business as well as the supplement review website malehealthreview.com. He discussed his reasons for switching to a VOIP service and the impact it has made on his business. What was it that initially appealed to you about voice over IP? “Well, after doing a good amount of research, I came to understand that by using a bundled package VoIP, I could combine phone, data, and video into one unified service, and that would allow me much more flexibility in the day-to-day operations of running … Continue reading Consumer Spotlight – Switching to VOIP is a Smart Exercise


VoIP Technology for Your Organization’s Needs!

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a telecommunications technology that allows phone calls to be made using the broadband internet connection instead of a traditional telephone service. Because of the ever-changing nature of today’s telecommunications, you need a business phone system that unifies all your communication  so that it can change and grow with you. All businesses, both large and small, need to provide great service while continuing to be efficient. Having the right phone system for your business will make for a great addition to any company or organization. Features of VoIP Telephone service Some popular features of VOIP … Continue reading VoIP Technology for Your Organization’s Needs!