Considering VoIP for Your Business

Finding out whether using VoIP for your business is a good idea — where do you start?  How can VoIP benefit you? Is VoIP service better than a traditional phone system?

Many businesses have switched to VoIP, and many more are seriously considering it. They recognize the great cost savings in their communications budget, and the many additional features.  Also, this is a fairly new technology with a great deal of room to grow in the coming years.

The two basic technologies you can use to provide VOIP for your business are:

IP telephony, which runs over a local area network (or LAN) which provides a very cost effective way for a business to organize internal communication.  IP telephony technology allows voice signals to be transmitted  over a company’s integral network, between business associates.

VoIP (telephone VoIP, vonage VoIP, etc), on the other hand, is carried over a wide area network (or WAN).   VoIP converts a voice signal to digital transmissions and sends them through WAN, such as internet or carry voice over.  Users can set the system to use a public WAN or a private WAN, whichever suits the company’s security needs.

How to Choose VoIP for your Business

A big problem for many businesses is the rising cost of long distance and overseas calls.  This is a cost that only rises as the business gets more successful.   When using VoIP for your business, phone bills are considerably reduced because Internet calls are not taxed and regulated.

The overall costs to companies are lowered, as IP- based voice technology nearly eliminates toll calls altogether, and reduces the cost of adding or moving phone lines, or other changes to the system.

The enhanced functionality of VoIP offers all the calling options you are used to.  Also, since VoIP is a standard, open protocol, companies will be able to to build their own audio applications, or purchase applications from third party developers.

As your business grows, you will be able to alter and customize your phone system yourself, for little to no cost. VoIP for your business can grow and adapt to your every need and requirement.  The systems are easy to use, and your employees will require very little training to become familiar with the new features and usage.

The possibility of losing phone service if the internet connection fails is the only drawback. This could be very inconvenient for a busy company, but this can be minimized by choosing your provider wisely and keeping your equipment up to date.

Companies are making the switch to VoIP every day, seeking a better price for higher quality, more flexible technologies that improve over time. Stop asking if VoIP for your business is for you — try it for yourself and see the difference.