Finding a VoIP Solution for you

There are many reasons to choose a VoIP solution over your old-fashioned phone company.

VoIP, or “Voice over Internet Protocol”, is a new type of service that lets you make your phone calls over your internet connection instead of a traditional land line.   Although the technology has been around for a couple of decades, it has only recently become practical now that high speed broad band connection are becoming more common, since it doesn’t work well with slow dial up connections.

The last three or four years have seen an explosion in the popularity of a VoIP solution. More and more people are switching to high speed internet, and once that is in place it is easy to add a VoIP solution, which can dramatically reduce the costs of telephone service.  Residential and small business customers can both use a VoIP business solution for all their telecommunications needs.

Details and Fundamentals of VoIP Solutions

The typical VoIP solution provides all long distance calls for a flat monthly fee free. The necessary equipment is usually included in the initial set up fee.  The whole package generally costs less than traditional service.  They also bundle in more options such as call waiting, caller ID, callback and so forth, which we’re used to paying for as separate add-ons.

A VoIP solution is better than a traditional phone system because the packages and services are better. The difference in monthly bills between traditional and VoIP solutions can be great — it is definitely less expensive for residential customers, and comparable for businesses while providing better value and more services.

It can be tough to decide to switch when you’re used to the existing way, and no one likes the learning curve in adopting new technology.  However, a VoIP solution is often invisible — it allows you to use your phone the way you always have, while taking advantage of modern advances.  You might have a shiny new phone or an extra electronic box next to your computer or a different type of plug, but dialing is dialing and talking is talking!

It’s important to remember that a VoIP solution does have some drawbacks; your phone system will fail if your internet connection fails, and you may have to shop around to get proper emergency 911 coverage.   However, a VoIP solution offers some revolutionary services that are changing the way we talk and what we pay for it.  The advantages of not having to think twice before calling your loved ones or making a business call are easy to see.

Do your research, compare solutions, and try it out — you have nothing to lose, as you can always go back to your traditional phone company!